Lumphini Park Bangkok

Hustling, bustling Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and attracts more visitors than any other city worldwide. It is a city of incredible contrasts. It is a city of sparkling temples, high-end shopping malls, luxury boutiques, vibrant local street markets and its famous red-light areas.

Around the city, you will find numerous rivers and green spaces where you can get away from the fast pace of life in the city. Lumphini Park is one such area. Founded over 100 years ago and a mass of local wildlife and plant species, the park covers an area of more than 500,000 square metres.

At all times of the day and evening, the park is busy with residents enjoying their downtime jogging, working out, relaxing with their favourite yoga routine, or enjoying a leisurely picnic.

Around the park, accommodation also is plentiful, with everything from hostels for backpackers to economy and mid-range hotels with restaurants, to high-end luxury venues catering for your every need, from saunas to massages and gyms.

Jump into a tuk-tuk and explore the local area. Sample dishes from the many mouth-watering street food stalls. Visit the floating markets, the bars and restaurants. And enjoy a decadent evening in one of the many cabaret bars and nightclubs. Whether on a short city break or a two-week vacation, Bangkok really is a city to make lifelong memories.


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