Bangkok Culture

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is home to various cultural attractions.
The city has long been a popular destination for tourists who want to learn more about Thai culture. Even though it’s culture has been impacted by modernity, it has managed to maintain significant ties to its long-standing traditions and the Buddhist religion that it was established on. Food, religion, festivals, and beautiful sites combine to make Bangkok a city of culture that is among the very best in the world.


Buddhism is by far the most practiced religion in this country. One can see evidence of this religion mirrored in the local customs and architecture seen across the city. Incredible temples can be seen nestled along the banks of the city’s many rivers, and the city is dotted with thousands of sculptures of Buddha.

Cultural Architecture

Thailand’s temple and palace architecture are instantly recognizable thanks to its vibrant colors, opulent ornamentation, and multi-tiered arching roofs. There are elements of Burmese, Indian and Khmer architectural traditions incorporated into the style that has evolved over time to be uniquely Thai.


You won’t be disappointed by Thailand’s vibrant festivals and events, which offer an insight into the country’s history and traditions. It should come as no surprise that Thailand enjoys a good festival, given that having a good time and interacting with other people is just as essential to Thai culture as eating spicy food. Festivals are often regarded as some of the most spectacular in all of Southeast Asia. These celebrations are known for including epic water battles, floating lanterns and monkey banquets.


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