Luxury Fashion in Shepherd’s Bush

Shepherd’s Bush is a place in central London where people discover the world of luxury. It is a location where people meet top designers and get the chance to visit leading fashion houses.


It is the place where people discover and meet the best in fashion designs and lifestyle. It is the home for more than 700 famous brands ranging from Louis Vuitton to Prada that are in more than 35 boutiques.


It is a space where shopping and culture are intertwined. Fashion exhibitions and events take place at this place making it a destination that embraces fashion culture and inspiration. Services are paramount and range from handsfree shopping to international delivery. Here is a brief description of luxury fashion at Shepherd’s Bush.


Fashion Stores– A place to find leading brands


As mentioned Shepherd’s Bush is a home of more than 40 world-class luxurious brands. It is a place where Prada, Jimmy Choo, Versus Versace, Louis Vuitton, Bucherer among many other leading brands are under one roof. People get to meet the designers behind these luxurious brands and have the opportunity to buy their favourite brand.


It also houses the iconic and famous British brands such as Voltaire, Jigsaw and Urban chic Zadig. People also get the chance to visit stores that are selling top Parisian brands such as Sandro, Maje and iconic Claudie Pierlot. These stores are on the first floor of The Village which is the focal point of fashion — a place where all the leading brands are.


Fashion lounge–Meet designers for luxurious personal styling


Shepherd’s Bush is a destination where all the leading designers are found. People get the chance to meet them and get the chance to discover a new look that they have been looking for. It is a place where they get the chance to choose fashion and fashion products from over 700 sought after brands for their wardrobe.


Women who are looking for a new look after conceiving, men and women looking for a complete change of wardrobe after landing a new job or people looking to stand out in a formal or informal occasion converge at Shepherd’s Bush. The designers and fashion experts located at these luxurious styling suites help them adjust their dressing and upgrade their fashion accessories.


Shepherd’s Bush is space that offers a visually exciting and stimulating environment for lovers of luxury fashion and accessories. It is not all about shopping that makes the destination a must visit place in London. K-West Studio Bar is a place where you can sip a glass of champagne while enjoying the panoramic view of the fashion world.


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