The History of Terminal 21, Bangkok


A dream place to visit; Terminal 21 Bangkok brings a new meaning to the words “shopping destination”.


Terminal 21-More than Just a Shopping Mall

Have you dreamt of travelling the world? Well, it is actually possible with this wonderful shopping mall that is disguised as an airport. Terminal 21, Bangkok is conveniently located next to the Asok BTS station and it features nine magnificent floors of shops and restaurants. This is a perfect place if you want to ‘tour the world’ this is the perfect place to do that. It is made of a cutting-edge design that represents some of the famous world’s cities under the same roof. Find yourself alongside friends strolling around a maze in Tokyo city, bargaining an Istanbul zouk, walking down London’s famous Carnaby Street, or even shopping for some delicious meals at the Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.

A part of this building is the Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit, which is Terminal 21’s façade that is curved and made of glass and steel. This building looks like a 21-st century airport. The theme is very widespread and it goes on once you go into the building. There are some floor signs that show arrivals in some cities, electronic display boards that immediately show you flight information that is normally displayed at an airport terminal, so many escalators that criss-cross and an information desk that has some receptionists who are smartly dressed in air hostesses’ uniforms. All these are not part of an airport; it is part of the shopping experience you get at Terminal 21, Bangkok. Why not take a trip to the Luxury hotels Sukhumvit which has a rooftop swimming pool that is connected to Terminal 21.

Experience a New Lifestyle inside a Shopping Mall

Terminal 21, Bangkok is such a huge place and it has nine floors that are home to more than 600 shops, a supermarket (Gourmet), a Cineplex, and a food court that has all types of delicacies that are from Thai and other international meals. The basement level of the mall has a Caribbean theme and this is where you can find the supermarket, market food vendors, banks, bookstores and many take-away food outlets. If you want to go to Rome, you just take an escalator and on the ground floor you will find all sorts if International and local fashion labels like Adidas, Fox, Nike among others. On another floor you will find Paris where there are more fashion brands that await to be discovered. The 1st to 3rd floors host smaller shops that are locally owned and you can find women’s fashion on the 1st floor, Tokyo and men’s fashion on the 2nd floor, London. If you want some delicacies, then the 4th and 5th floors are where you should be heading to. There are more than 50 restaurants and a number of cafes calling for your attention. There are restaurant chains and outlets represented in this section such. Close by you can find the newly opened Lancaster Bangkok hotel, a 5 start luxury hotel near the popular Sukhumvit area.

Terminal 21 is the perfect place where you will walk and walk out feeling like you have travelled around the entire world. Take your trip now

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