The history and what to find at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market, popularly known as JJ Market, is the largest market in Thailand. It offers a wide range of products and attracts tourists annually. In this article, we highlight the history of JJ Market and seek to understand the various items sold.

Chatuchak Market- The History

JJ Market has been operating since the year 1942. From 1948, it began operating as a flea market following a directive by the then Prime Minister. He instructed all provinces to have their own market. Originally, the market was located at Sanam Luang, but in 1975, it was converted to a recreational facility that could also hold commemoration ceremonies. This forced traders to move and occupy the land South of Chatuchak Park. All the traders had settled at Chatuchak by 1983. The market was initially known as Phahonyothin Market, but in 1987, it was converted to Chatuchak Market.

**Chatuchak Market- The Products on Sale

Multitudes of people, including tourists, flock to JJ Market annually. There are 27 sections and about 10,000 stalls that offer a variety of products. Most shops are open from Friday to Sunday. People interested in artwork and paintings can find products ranging from Thai handicrafts to other handmade accessories. There are also plenty of food stalls that offer mouth-watering Thai delicacies. Those interested in sprucing up their wardrobes can select shoes, jewellery, and clothes from the attire section. Other things that are found include house décor items, souvenirs, antiques, books, plants, pets, and their accessories. The market has almost everything a person could be interested in.


Chatuchak Market has a fascinating history and impressive products. Those shopping should take their time to find all the nice items. They are also recommended to have free maps offered at the market that guide them to the ultimate shopping experience. If you are returning to Thailand Landmark Bangkok has an all-inclusive Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) package which will let you stay in comfort and luxury with fabulous dining.

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